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3. Nov. Und es geht weiter mit den Ankündigungen der Spieler zum diesjährigen HomestoryCup Die Jungs TLO, uThermal und Snute werden beim. Jun 28, Eventbrite – TaKeTV präsentiert HomeStory Cup XVII – Donnerstag, Juni | Sonntag, 1. Juli , TaKe's Gaming Bar, Krefeld, NRW. Der HomeStory Cup (kurz: HSC) ist ein E-Sport-Turnier in der Disziplin StarCraft II. StarCraft II ist ein Echtzeitstrategiespiel von Blizzard Entertainment. Der HomeStory Tropicana online casino bonus codes kurz: Wir freuen uns schon! Die geplanten Änderungen stehen derweil aber schon fest und sollen in Kürze erscheinen. Dieser Player ist schwer zu berechnen und wird auf jeden Fall für ein paar Überraschungen sorgen. Dieser Player ist schwer zu berechnen und wird auf jeden Fall für ein paar Überraschungen sorgen. Aufgrund seines stets fröhlichen Auftretens und seiner abgefahrenen und innovativen Strategien hat er sich einen absoluten Stammplatz in den Herzen seiner Homestorycup erspielt, und ist aus der Szene fast nicht mehr wegzudenken. HSC so abliefern wird! Wer den diesjährigen WCS verfolgt hat, durfte sich bereits von seinen Skills beeindrucken lassen. Comments Leave a comment. Wir freuen uns Golden Legend slot – spil online med rigtige penge Erst als am letzten Tag Dennis Gehlen direkt die Community ansprach, konnten in nur 30 Minuten über Das Beste Spielothek in Lüttringhausen finden hat es in sh gl

Homestorycup -

Nach dieser Ankündigung der Spieler ist eines wieder klargeworden: In der Zeit stiegen die Spenden noch über das Ziel hinaus an, sodass auch eine Das Turnier fand erstmals statt und wird seitdem in der Regel zweimal jährlich ausgetragen. Weitere Angebote des Olympia-Verlags: Aufgrund seines stets fröhlichen Auftretens und seiner abgefahrenen und innovativen Strategien hat er sich einen absoluten Stammplatz in den Herzen seiner Fans erspielt, und ist aus der Szene fast nicht mehr wegzudenken. Und auch beim HomeStory Cup feiert er dieses Jahr bereits seine 4. Der HomeStory Cup kurz:

I felt complete and i never regret spending so much time in just one thing and back then all earnings went to the company i was working for which was ESL but it was okay and even until today i never had the feeling to be treated bad cause i became an awesome opportunity which i would have never had if i wouldn t have worked for ESL at this time.

I always have been the guy who had a strong opinion and high believe in what i think and always wanted to push my ideas and philosophie and to feel "complete" also for my private life i felt becoming my own boss is the right decision and thats what i did.

I kept doing this almost 2 years and had a girlfriend living with me in this appartment. I have all this memories which i don t wanna miss - GO4SC2 Sunday Cups - After streaming saturday very late the only day i took time for my friends was this one and we went out for party and every sunday i was SUPER exhausted we all know why but i started streaming this sundaycup every sunday and didnt miss a single one for at least the first 2 years.

I was still sleeping in my room with my girlfriend and one of my guys doing the production had to enter this room every sunday to do preperation and it gave me almost no privacy BUT - It was awesome - this experience - this live.

After this first 2 years i was so lucky to get my own appartment just 1 area above the Studio which i also used as a area for pros etcpp in future tournaments: P i couldnt stop sharing my place with all these awesome people meeting me at events.

One of my best nights in my life happened after a HomeStoryCup with a lot of awesome people like Stephano, Rotti, our old cook Carsten, Bling, Traidos our admin who still supports us and many many more.

We were singing sunday night to monday morning karaoke with 10 people and more like the biggest idiots on earth BUT we we were no idiots - Just some kids having the best time you can imagine and not taking care of what other people think Including my neighbours: Stuff which sometimes happens once in a lifetime and never happen this way again.

Do you know what i mean? This one great day you never expected but happend and you can t create it again. I had so many of these days cause i m doing what i m doing.

Next stop for me: I actually grew with TaKeTV became eployees, internships, apprentianceships and started doing more content and also in other games like Hearthstone and also many people know the SeatStoryCup which is an event i almost have the same passion for as HomeStoryCup even if i dont play hearthstone myself.

We do all the audio, Video sometimes light and put together concepts and have lead on these projects which we also take care of and produce in the end of the day.

I just created a new agency for consulting in gaming with a guy i met a few years ago doing marketing for Red Bull in the gamingsector and he is awesome and i have the chance to bring eSports to even more people and create more awesome products.

We work with one of the most famous agencys in germany together who have a great network. Almost 30 people nowadays work for TaKeTV and most of them are fulltime and live from producing gamingcontent.

I would say i have a very cool appartment and even when i dont own a car myself i can rent nice cars from time to time and have a jacuzi at my place which is awesome.

It all ended different and there is one huge reason for that. I will never forget how i guess more than people came to our new location when it was still in build and looked like a mess and so many people offered to work for free for us and really did that.

I am very greatfull and have deep respect for all you guys supporting esport and in this case expecially TaKeTV. All i do all the opportunites and everything i CAN do is because you gave me and TaKeTV the chance for that and i will never stop to give as much back as possible!

Becoming bigger and more profesional and have people working fulltime and earning money makes an event like HomeStoryCup a little bit more expensive.

On the other side i have very very hard times find sponsors for HomeStoryCup and this time i took a very big risk cause we didnt have a mainsponsor until a week or two ago and if MIFcom wouldnt have said they will support us one more time as a mainsponsor i would have made a HUGE loss on this project.

Because they have seen the great community and this event which is and always has been unique. He is so loyal and i love this partnerships it feels like a marriage in good and bad times But also for partners like this there is a limit and they have to think about money and even if they love this event they can not invest that much money in a product where they dont have a return they need.

You can do that once or twice but at some point it hurts. All these partners wanna keep working with us and invest in us but they also have to see how they can invest in the market and where it makes sense.

I will try to find new sponsors but i try to be realistic - It is not that easy nowadays. I will not stop doing Starcraft and not stop to do a HomeStoryCup but we have to see how we can do it in the future.

This was a very personal thing i shared but i shared it with my family and with the people who went this way with me all over the years and i seriously had tears almost coming out of my eyes cause writing this reminded me on so many great memories i don t wanna miss.

I will always tune into HSC, no matter how big or small it is. Just keep doing what you are doing Dennis and know we appreciate it!

You and Silvano and everybody else at TakeTV are real legends of sc2! And once again, I will always watch, no matter what!

I enjoyed the old HSCs just as much as the new ones. Sadly not many would I'm afraid. I'm not even sure I'd want esport to be a PPV event.

I'm not saying I want it to be PPV, I'm just saying that I would be willing to pay that ammount of money to support it which can also be by just donating to some crowdfunding.

Im sure most people would donate more too. Thats not to say that they wouldnt donate either though: It would just be a nice inentive for those that do play.

I'm not cheap, but I wouldn't. Let people donate whatever they want. Offer a special incentive for people donating over a certain amount. I hope it's clear that I like the content and am trying to propose constructive feedback, not be a dick or complain about paying for creative content.

I wasn't saying make it ppv. I was saying I would donate what a ppv costs, just as a useful yard-marker. My comment was intended to be in the same vein as yours; just a anecdotal comment on willingness to pay.

This is definitely a great idea, but I wouldnt drop 40 bucks, i'm from a third world country, so bucks is a ton, and unless Dark is playing 75 straight BO9s, i'm not droping that, lol.

Thank you for all the sponsorships you guys have given Starcraft over the years. When I buy a high end gaming chair I promise I will buy from you!

I'm buying a new chair in january ish, will be a needforseat cause you guys are so awesome to starcraft. I wanted to say thank you.

Keep up the nice Work Dennis. Sadly we all get older and i have less time for the sc2 fun time or gaming Just letting you know, I bought a chair from you guys after HSC 4 and still love it!

It's pretty beat up by now, but if I ever get a replacement it will be from you definitely, even though I hardly game anymore, I can't imagine working at my desk in any other chair.

Thank you for supporting TakeTV. I was looking for a new chair a year ago and between all those business chairs I suddenly saw one of yours.

I sat down for like a minute to try it out I love how it feels like sitting in a car and immediately bought it. Keep up the good work!

Much love for what you do Dennis and crew. You made my dream come true by bringing me out to HSC X and I can't thank you enough for that either.

I'll admit it does almost bring tears to my eyes reading through this, but I do understand that you have grown so much and have to be realistic with costs to run these events to the standard you've attained.

Selfish and passionate me is hoping that you can continue to find a way to keep it running, even if on a smaller scale!

We've done good stuff before. I mean if anyone would donate at HSC or whatever we could save this donations for the next HSC - but this was not my aim with this post tbh: Your the last of a dying breed man, and so is HSC.

We don't want to see it change. I sincerely appreciate your transparency, you've always been a friend to the community even at times when it was hard on you.

Thank you for the memories and great times friend! That is a big reason why people would be willing to donate. Your passion is authentic and your events have always been enjoyable.

As long as the HSC will still exist, even if smaller, it will still be an awesome event every time and create great memories.

I'm attending myself for the very first time, which I wanted to do since ! You as a single person gave so much to esports as a whole, and I'm absolutely convinced that the community would love to give a part of it back to you and your hard-working crew.

You truly care about it very much and it's sad to see this happening. While it might not happen to the extent in the past I'm glad there'll still be HSC on some level in the future.

So far there has only been one official community fundraiser for HSC and it was quiet successful. Hopefully they'll try to open up this alley again so the community can support HSC as much as possible in the future no matter how big.

I just hope that it is a general fundraiser and not just a "bring Koreans to HSC, " because I find it a bit unfair for all the other players who have to pay for everything themselves to see that koreans are flown in and get hotels and transportations paid.

It's just that a plane ticket from korea is much more expensive than a train ticket for some of the german or french invites for example.

But i agree, a more generalized fundraiser would be really nice to support this kind of events, no matter of the size. I think even the more or less spontaneous Penthouse Party was awesome to watch and had kinda the same feeling as the old HSCs.

Id rather see HSC transition back to a tiny event than have Take and the crew get into any kind of financial struggle. Hey man, Even if HSC was a single caster with random drunk players yelling at them in the background I would still watch the whole thing and then watch the VODs.

Every year my friends and I get so hyped for HSC because, yes, it is a great SC2 tournament but more importantly it feels like my group of friends when we are able to come together and just enjoy our time together.

Thanks for everything you do and watching TakeTV grow even into other games has been so incredible.

Love you Dennis thanks for sharing and being so throughout, needless to say it is not something you had to do and so the appreciation for the detail, thought and feel is greater from me - I think the game owes you as much if not almost definitely more than you owe it and is better for having you and having had you and HSC in it, thanks for that man, look forward to seeing you and grabbing a bier next time I see you.

Heck, the appeal of HSC to me was never the size or production quality though of course I'm glad any time they can do more and more. It was getting to see so many pros I like goof off together while still playing awesome games.

Heck some of my favorites were watching inControl win a few maps. I think he took some off Thorzain there once. Then getting to watch MC be MC in a social setting.

As long as HSC exists I am sure it will be awesome. You guys got me to blow money on a Roccat mouse tether with usb ports and lights that was way more expensive than I needed just because I really liked that they sponsored such an awesome event.

I feel you should talk about the amount to money we're talking about here. You probably can't say exactly how much your sponsors are giving right now, but it's way easier to look for alternatives if we know some kind of ballpark figure.

How much so you realisticly need from a sponsor? Had a blast with my friends and it was cool to hang out there, see the games, drink Some beers and most of al, meet the players.

Some people Will donate money just becouse of the nostalgya. Unfortunatly with the costs you are writing down here i dont think it Will be possible.

Hopefully sponsors wont stay away and Will sponsor less butt enough to host a "smaller" hsc. Love your work and i am really grathefull for all the fun times you gave this community at the appartement and especcially the most fun stream out there.

HSC is the only tournament around that showcases all of the personalities in the Starcraft scene, we get to see the players hanging out with each other and having fun, hear them talk about things outside of Starcraft and joking around, it always feels like a celebration of the game and community that everyone is invited to.

I love HomeStory Cup, it brings the community together like no other tournament, and reminds me of the good old days of Barcrafts.

Combine all of the passion and personalities in the community, then add beer, poker, awkward jacuzzi interviews, and see fun levels hit an all time high, to the point where fully clothed adults begin jumping into a pool.

It doesn't take long to realize how special and important an event like this actually is to everyone.

Please give us, the fans, a way to fund this passionate project directly. It embodies everything I love about this game, and would be absolutely soul crushing if it went away.

TaKe, if you are reading this, I want to tell you about a little mountain town near me. Every year, on the 4th of July, they throw a one-of-a-kind party.

Every single house in the town fires off fireworks all night, people are walking around the streets and hanging out with each other, giving out food and beer, partying and watching all of the fireworks all night.

It's quite a sight. The reason I am telling you this is that when you drive into the neighborhood, you are greeted by one of the families that live there, and they have a collection bucket where visitors can choose to donate to next year's party.

All of the money they collect gets distributed among the houses to purchase fireworks for next year. And every year they collect more than the previous year.

As you can imagine, it started out small and has grown into an amazingly fun tradition. Let the community give back to you TaKe, you've earned it.

It always feels strange to take money from people even if we produce something. Think of it as giving the fans a chance to be a part of something they love.

I want to be able to say, "I helped make this happen" even if it was just through a donation, being able to say that is something I would really be proud of.

Such a good idea. As a person going to homestory cup right now from France I would drop money in a bucket if it means having more Starcraft content.

Starcraft aside from my job film making is my biggest passion and I love it everyday, would definitely give out some money for next year: Proud to be a part of HSC..

Thankful for what we got! Very nice to read and a Little Bit sad. I am glad that i bought a MIFcom pc last year becaus of the sponsorship with taketv.

I wouldnt know them without you. I also habe taketv merch and a needforseat taketv chair witch is great btw. I even convinced my brother to buy One as Well.

I think prizemoney is not the Most important Thing at hsc the Most important Thing is Fun that everyone has on Stream and live at the location, but of Cause the prizepool is important for the pro gamers.

I realy Hope that we get some nice Viewer counts that other Sponsors will be intrestet as Well and we can hold the prizepool high like it is right now.

I don't know what to say Thank you Dennis for making such amazing events. Nothing against TakeTV, but this was the thing that really showed me "ouch, SC2 must be in a really bad situation financially for them".

I first started watching SC2 in late Early in , I caught a stomach bug and was very ill. I was bedridden for a whole week.

The only way that I knew to watch SC2 was froM justin. I didn't know what channels hosted starcraft, I didn't know when events took place, I didn't know anything about pro gaming really.

I just knew that justin had streams of South Park and Family Guy, and often I'd get lucky and find a stream of this cool 'esports' thing.

Take, this is the moment where I truly started to beleive that something special was happening with esports and with SC2.

The atmosphere of your tournaments has always been the defining feature to me, and at that moment I was totally blown away.

Thousands of dollars were on the line and everyone was relatively nonchalant about it. Poker was played in the other room and casters were making little quips to one another on the couch about losing this hand or winning that pot.

I'll always remember Mr Bitter's commercial piece where he was wearing that white baseball hat. I have no idea why I remember that so clearly, him crouching down to talk about some contest or something, but I do.

Bitterdam for life man. For the next few days, in between fever dreams and puking my guts out, I was all about Homestory Cup. Homestory cup made it clear how tight knit the community was.

HSC made it feel like there was something special happening in your living room. HSC made it feel like we were spying on a group of friends chilling out at a party.

Its such a unique experience. HSC is so special to me. It solidified my love for SC2 and esports. It made me a superfan. It made me join Reddit so that I could talk to other SC2 fans.

I hope you'll still do smaller HSCs. I'd be really sad if they went away forever. I would have loved to attended one of the big ones.

But I understand how the business side of this works and if you just can't do it, well thats that. You've put your heart and soul into this community and I don't think there's anyone here who doesn't love you for it.

It is just as he said not all here, but also in the stream som weeks ago. Back in the old days he had quite a lot of work done by guys for free, but now the workload is too much for this to work so everything behind the scenes has to be done by his employees which costs money.

In the past people were sleeping all over the place because it was basically just Takes appartment that was being used and everybody cooked together.

Plus I would guess all the little things that stack up. If its a hundred people it gets a bit more expensive and I would try to get my money back from somebody.

I could always identify best with Homestory Cup because it felt casual but the gameplay was top tier. It felt like a big LAN Party eventhough it was very professional.

Eventhough I haven't played much Starcraft since Heart of the Swarm I still watch every Homestory Cup and will continue watching them till the very last.

Thank you for all those awesome memories like Naama's SCV, Taeja's back to back tournament wins, MC trying to cast in english and the looping louie rounds!

Please start some sort of crowdfunding campaign. I hate being right. Girlfriend thingies, a b…. Le grotesque et le sublime….

Quick update for you guys. As per the HSC Twitter. Another iteration of my favourite tournament of the year, boys.

Any crowdfunding attempt this time around? Long live HSC, the immortal tournament. Wow I kinda forgot ebay existed.

Love that HSC is still going, looking forward to it! Blizzcon and HSC in November That's will be a great time! D 16th HSC for me, and every single one is special and unique in its own way.

On September 04 So hyped, this one will be so good! Live Events Next event in 56m. Live Streams StarCraft 2 Hui. Fnx byalli fl0m Black Night vs Lima SC.

Next Gaming vs SV Heroes. Brood War 20th Annivers…. KingSc vs Light Bringers. HellRaisers vs Windigo Gaming. Heroic vs Space Soldiers. Windigo Gaming vs Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Cloud9 vs Ghost Gaming. Team Liquid vs compLexity Gaming.

Konamis Fokus auf Südamerika. Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Das Bracket hat es in sich! Kam mit der Umstellung zunächst gut zurecht: Das Turnier fand erstmals statt und wird louisiana double poker casino in der Regel zweimal jährlich ausgetragen. HSC so abliefern wird! Thanks for your huuge efforts Take! Blizzcon and HSC in November We love you Take. Thanks for all the memories. I will always tune into HSC, no matter how big or small it is. Thank you for the memories and great times friend! All of the money they collect gets distributed among Fortune Temple Slot - Find Out Where to Play Online houses to purchase fireworks for next year. I am glad that i bought a MIFcom pc last year becaus of the sponsorship with taketv. Since we can continue why not going back to the roots? Please start some Beste Spielothek in Lerchenfeld finden of crowdfunding campaign.

homestorycup -

Auch wenn beim HomeStory Cup eine sehr heimelige und familiäre Stimmung vorherrscht, wird es dennoch high-end Matches zu sehen geben, die die Community gebannt vor Ort oder im Live-Stream mitverfolgen wird. Der Archivlink wurde automatisch eingesetzt und noch nicht geprüft. November 22 - 25, Eine Million schaut auf Krefeld spiegel. Allerdings blieben ernsthaft Erfolge hier vorerst aus. Der Archivlink wurde automatisch eingesetzt und noch nicht geprüft. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 2. Comments Leave a comment. Thanks for your huuge efforts Take! Haven't posted on this sub for a few years, but just wanted to say you're a legend and an absolute Beste Spielothek in Hahnenberg finden. Keep up ur good work! Talk to Blizzard if you can design some special decals, portraits etc. StarCraft 2 Brood War Blogs. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. This one great day you never expected but happend and you kroatien europameisterschaft t create it again. Thank you for big win casino memories and great times friend! I have all this memories which i don t software kostenlos miss - GO4SC2 Sunday Cups - After casino app kostenlos saturday very late the only day i web time for my friends was this one and we went out for party and every sunday i was SUPER exhausted we all know why but i started streaming this sundaycup every sunday and Play Fountain of Youth Slots Online at South Africa miss a single one for at least the first 2 years. Best live casino online muchgames once again, I will always watch, no matter what! Casino andernach hope it works out with future sponsors! Aufgrund seines stets fröhlichen Auftretens und seiner abgefahrenen und innovativen Strategien hat er sich einen absoluten Stammplatz in den Herzen seiner Fans erspielt, und ist aus der Szene fast nicht mehr wegzudenken. Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. Darüber hinaus gibt es in Krefeld ein BarCraft unweit des Veranstaltungsorts. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Rekordsieger ist der südkoreanische Spieler Yoon Young-suh Nickname: Wir freuen uns schon! Dieser Player ist schwer zu berechnen und wird auf jeden Fall für ein paar Überraschungen sorgen. Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Wir freuen uns schon! Juli um Daddeln um Dollars wz-newsline. Zu Beginn startete der Zerg-Spieler mit einem 3: TaeJa , der das Turnier dreimal in Folge gewann.

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